Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season 5-CODEX

Posted 22 Feb 2021 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season 5-CODEX


Rule the ring with Street Fighter V Champion Edition, the most robust version….



Rule the ring with Street Fighter V Champion Edition, the most robust version of the acclaimed fighting game! Choose from 40 diverse fighters, 34 dynamic stages and over 200 stylish costumes as you fight your way through a variety of exciting single-player and multi-player modes.

Title: Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season 5
Genre: Action
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2021

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NOTES: This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from our previous
releases and updates.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season 5-CODEX
Size: 48 GB





















    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670, or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season 5-CODEX
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Mister_IronyandSarcasm (22 Feb 2021, 20:52)

    Can’t believe they copied Fortnite, what a shame.

  2. Norman Bates (22 Feb 2021, 21:00)

    nice game

  3. aw (22 Feb 2021, 21:02)

    I have literally no idea what they’re even change in those games.
    Like skins?
    What are we talkin about?

  4. KAWAI (22 Feb 2021, 21:14)


  5. sdgdsgsdgadasdf (22 Feb 2021, 21:24)

    why does it have to be so damn fast?, don’t they realize such games by default become more skillfull, if the game speed is slowed down?

    @Mister wum?, microtransactions?, that shouldn’t bother anyone here though, should it?, lol

  6. Luigi (22 Feb 2021, 21:29)

    I appreciate your work every second of every day. Please keep it up🙂

  7. fox (22 Feb 2021, 21:42)

    valhalla next pleasee 🙂

  8. lol (22 Feb 2021, 21:44)

    Finally, Dan mains have had their day.

  9. macxos (22 Feb 2021, 21:46)

    can you play it with joysticks on pc?

  10. Warwitch (22 Feb 2021, 22:11)

    Street Fighter – We Ran Out Of Ideas Edition.

  11. Dice (22 Feb 2021, 22:30)

    Nice!!!!! fuck my Ass CODEXXXXXXX I LOVE YOUUUUU

  12. Tay_Fuun (22 Feb 2021, 22:38)

    COPIED FORTNITE??? IDIOT .. Every game made that stars teams capture flag/base/last man standing is a copy/imitation to counter-strike and HL mods…IDIOT MrIronyandgayastma

  13. Ahi (22 Feb 2021, 23:22)

    Is it playable online ?

  14. Kinky (22 Feb 2021, 23:31)

    Trump won the election, Corona is a hoax, Cyberpunk is a good game.

  15. Maitreya (23 Feb 2021, 0:12)

    Thank you very much prince CODEX i will replace last version with this one.

  16. Melody (23 Feb 2021, 1:05)

    @Macxos yes, with x360ce controller emulator

  17. George (23 Feb 2021, 2:49)

    Thank you so much 😀

  18. edu (23 Feb 2021, 2:50)

    é bom, mas caiu a pouco na plus, pc eu uso para rodar os jogos q não tenho no console

  19. Eddie (23 Feb 2021, 4:02)

    Waiting for Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

  20. Kyojin (23 Feb 2021, 5:08)

    This game turned me straight

  21. vals (23 Feb 2021, 6:12)

    Download stops at 70%, what is happening?

  22. SiD (23 Feb 2021, 8:14)

    Isn’t there an update patch coz downloading this huge file is a bummer
    A: Update will be +26GB. so better re-download whole thing

  23. Zkaos (23 Feb 2021, 8:47)


  24. DaTrollGuy_ (23 Feb 2021, 11:19)

    It’s just Dan and Eleven. Wait until they release the whole season.

  25. paulo (23 Feb 2021, 11:37)

    Be ready to download future patch because players already found a infinity combo for Dan. Capcom for sure will fix this combo quickly with a future patch.

  26. WILLIAM (23 Feb 2021, 11:54)


  27. staminchia (23 Feb 2021, 11:55)

    come cazzo è che non posso scrivere

  28. Mister_IronyandSarcasm (23 Feb 2021, 12:06)

    Lol calm down @Tay_Fuun read my fu***** username

  29. BatmanJr (23 Feb 2021, 12:22)

    Heloo guys
    This game does not work on my amd graphic card and cpu.
    All previous release did not work too.

    Any ideas why it does not work on amd gpu ?

    Drivers are up to date fyi

    Thanks all

  30. Reyke (23 Feb 2021, 16:01)

    This patch introduces a new mechanic called Vshift which gives you a sort of invulnerable reversal, it also introduces us to Dan, an old time veteran troll character, besides this it’s the usual skins and maps and balance changes

  31. Helltioeg Twitch (23 Feb 2021, 17:28)

    Ok but where’s fighterZ updates? we are waiting for so long and still you didn’t updated the characters.

  32. fuckyou (23 Feb 2021, 18:35)

    isdone.dll fuck stupid bastar.

  33. krish (23 Feb 2021, 19:13)

    launched the games and it directly goes to steam…any crack? plz help

  34. Oops! (23 Feb 2021, 20:33)

    The Dude!

  35. Karasu (24 Feb 2021, 0:38)


    Krish, you dumb motherfucker. Once you mount the ISO, open File Explorer. Scroll down to whatever path you mounted the ISO on and click it. The crack is in the CODEX folder. Dumb bitches, I swear….

  36. Daniel (24 Feb 2021, 11:56)

    thank you!

  37. Kyojin Ultra (25 Feb 2021, 9:19)

    Street Fighter Fucking Five.

    It’s about time something prevalent appeared on this site that’s tournament worthy. Asians are gods at fighting games period. You sorry sacks of shit won’t be able to defeat y Zeku and Karin. My skills and techniques are far beyond advanced, that your little casual, Gerber brains will pop. Most of you motherfuckers don’t deserve to play SFV. Uninstall the game you garbage fucks, you’re just making a fool of yourselves.

    I’ll obliterate you motherfuckers in Tekken and SFV. It’s simply because you fucks are absolute garbage. Hot dookie trash.

  38. Gabri Dello (26 Feb 2021, 21:30)

    Someone know why i cant go through the first controls configuration? i cant close the window. it only let me configure the keyboard over and over again

  39. asd (11 Mar 2021, 22:35)

    Single Link elamigos verion:

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